Accepting your uniqueness as a value proposition with Alice Brown

Accepting your uniqueness as a value proposition with Alice Brown

Self doubt, uncertainty and fear are all raw feelings entrepreneurs experience when they consider starting their own business. These feeling stem from insecurities that may or may not truly exist. But there's no doubt it's scary and it can bring a series of questions and what if's as they bring their own unique ideas into reality.

There is added pressure mostly when it comes to proving yourself, your family and your friends that your idea is worthy and you have the courage to make it happen. People around you may think your idea is crazy or don’t see the same opportunity that you do. It’s fine. Many times we procrastinate and use doubts by others to put off difficult work and it can be really hard to move past it. But one thing you should not do is you shouldn't let their opinions fill you mind with doubt. And I know how hard it can be because you already deal with self doubt and even the slightest bit of self doubt can be catastrophic.

As entrepreneurs, in all our efforts to get better and deliver as much value as possible to our customers, we feel there’s always something missing and we worry about the path not taken or the what-if of every situation.

In this Real and Raw episode, we're speaking to Alice Brown, a copywriter and website specialist, who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, whom we'll talk about all the challenges entrepreneurs encounter when starting a business as well as how to accept your uniqueness as a value proposition.

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