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The benefits of talking about perfectionism, expectations, and a sense of worth are greater when coming from a range of perspectives because unsetting expectations happens everywhere.

You could be a single parent, idolising how a family looks like, realising that what you have is a family by definition too. We have stories like these.

You could be seeking comfort in food, because that's a warm place for you, knowing it's your place to hide. We have stories like these.

You could relate your identity completely with your work, and then lose your job, and in that, lose yourself. We have stories like these.

Unsetting expectations isn't only about mental health - it's wholesome, and it has many variables and layers. Some expectations are our own, some are of our families and friends, some are imprinted on us societally.

But often the one thing they all have in common is that we don't talk about them. And when you don't talk about something, it starts to be covered in a veil of shame.

That's why Unsetting Expectations exists. To offer a safe and warm space to share your stories, and contribute to normalising these conversations. It's our way of giving back. It's community care.

It exists because I deeply believe that a community of authenticity & vulnerability drives humanity forward through inspiring storytelling.

Are you ready to share your story? Get in touch. It can be anonymous, too.

The world needs to hear what you have to say.