Days like these are normal

Days like these are normal
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A post was supposed to go out on Saturday, it didn't. Instagram was supposed to be active daily, there isn't a post since last Thursday.

Days like these happen.

Days like these are normal.

Whether you run your own business OR work for someone.

Some days you won't have time for everything on your running, probably never-ending to-do list. You can't do it all. Probably no human can. And most importantly - no human should.

Sure, I could channel Franka 2 years ago which would work 16 hours, 7 days a week, and be a zombie for the remaining 8h of the day with constant migraines and weak immunity. Work's not my top priority anymore.

I am.

Am I a bit annoyed anyways and feel like I'm letting you down? Sure. But I'm practicing gentleness and kindness towards myself, understanding that running two full-time businesses and one part-time consultancy — oh and studying a Masters degree full time — is no easy task. (Bear in mind, my "full time" work means up to 30h of work per week)

So, that's a lot of tasks to do in a condensed timeframe. Especially with one team member less in the last month, and onboarding a new one this week and potentially another one next week. There are a lot of lessons tried, failed and learned there as well which I could get frustrated about, but what's the point? Fail fast, learn often, or whatever is said.

The reason why I'm writing this is to normalize these days when you feel too tired or too wired to work in your business. When you have so many behind-the-scenes tasks you simply don't have the time to do these day-to-day tasks that do run the business.

It may feel like the world is ending, like you're failing, like this is the moment everyone was waiting for - you not sticking to what you "need" to be doing.

Let it. Let it be, because it too, shall pass.

And you'll be riding the wave once again.

Remember - waves crash too, and then they pick up again. It's a rhythm. It's not constant. Constant is not sustainable.

Trust the process, take a deep breath and try to enjoy being the foamy part of the wave too. That's when you'll get the best ideas.

Sending you much love and strength for this week,

Franka xx

Due to everything stated above, our Real & Raw conversation with Jill from last week will be uploaded on the podcast on Thursday instead of today, and Instagram may be a bit more silent than usual.

Don't forget that we are live on Clubhouse with Nicola Charlotte, mindset and confidence coach, this Thursday at 12pm UK/1pm CET. See you then 👋