Feeling disconnected? Learn to get in touch with your inner self

Feeling disconnected? Learn to get in touch with your inner self

So many of us go through life disconnected from our inner self, not paying attention to our core, looking for someone or something to complete us. And it's almost like we're waiting for some kind of outside approval for things we should or shouldn't do, we begin to lose control of what we truly want and feel like doing. We miss out so much on vital information that could be shaping our life choices and daily actions by not trusting ourselves and our inner feeling.

Sometimes you get really caught up on looking so much outwards and comparing ourselves and our businesses with how businesses of other people work so much that we lose that inner connection and trust and you're like "Oh, I'm actually not feeling really aligned with this, I don't feel like I have the energy to launch this now even though I already had that planned." And that can create a lot of resistance and judgement and a lot of those negative emotions.

Alice Benham and I shared our experiences in this episode! 💛

For the most part of my life I struggled with a poor relationship with myself. I used to have a critical, judgmental inner dialogue. My perfectionist tendencies made me feel like I was never good enough which made me feel completely disconnected from my inner self. Over recent years, so much of this has changed. I have practiced acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional self-love, which made me realize, I'm on my own journey in this life and it's completely fine to take a step back, tune in and be like "it's okay if I don't do this at the moment because it doesn't feel right".

The key is to develop the connection with the source of guidance, the sense of self that lies within you, to discover that you're able to rely on your inner feeling, your inner guidance. And just like anything, it requires dedication and a lot of patience. It's important to let yourself receive any information that comes from within, and give yourself time to process it and understand what is it trying to tell you.

#14 Self-awareness and work-life balance with Alice Benham
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