Where do I find human beings?

Where do I find human beings?
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We live in a world where not everything we see on the internet is true. And this is especially the case with social media. With so many opinions and information coming from all sides, people showing up with filters and masks on, it’s easy to just fall for everything that’s fighting for our attention.

The most widespread use of augmented reality is the face filters on social media that are more and more used among women and even young girls. And I don’t think it’s just filtering an actual image, it’s filtering  their whole life. Nowadays, everything is all about portraying a perfect life to gain fame and a number of followers, people forget who they are and they pretend to be someone who they're not. And I think it’s very sad what’s happening more and more.

Sara Ramos and I talked about this in this one! 💛

So much of the things we see online is scripted and Unsetting Expectations is my counter medicine to that. It's because everything is so scripted, everyone shows up with a filter and with a mask, it feels like we're already living in the metaverse. It's already like we're showing up as different people than who we are because someone one day decided it's better because it earns them more status, more followers and more money.

Who is showing up as a human being?

I remember kind of being left, standing like this time a year ago and thinking like "Who is showing up as a human being?", "Where do I find human beings?", almost only place where people share conversations like these is on communities like Reddit, for example. And my intention for this entire project is to raise that awareness that every experience as a human being is a normal experience, that it's okay to show up as who you truly are.

We're consuming more online media than ever and people have become obsessed with seeking approval from millions of strangers online. It has led to creating an incredibly fake persona and not having a genuine sense of identity and purpose. This is why Unsetting Expectations came to life, to normalize the experiences of us as human beings, to normalize the conversations around them and to offer a safe and warm space to share your stories.

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