How can your curiosity guide you?

How can your curiosity guide you?

Change is a normal part of life. It is inevitable. And some people even seem to thrive on change. They're open to new ideas and open for gaining new skills and new experiences.

Many of us have been at the place of questioning our career paths at least once in our lifetime. The problem is, most of young graduates have no way of knowing for certain that the job they're applying for is the right fit for them. And they're constantly looking for new jobs and new opportunities because they certainly don't want to spend their lives in a career that does not make them happy.

One of my biggest struggles I had in my life, was realizing that I don't have to have a niche or something to describe myself with one single word, or two words at maximum, because I'm a generalist and I have worked in such different industries, a plethora of different jobs.

I talked about this in this conversation with Jaz, listen to it if it resonates 💛

What it then seems on the outside is that if you're changing your job or your career path, you're short-sighted, less consistent and you show less commitment and dedication. Moreover, it seems that you have no idea what you want to do with your life.

Whereas, for me, everything makes sense in it's own way. I'm trusting my curiosity and how it's guiding me and what I'm building, that when I look back, it all makes sense.

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Have you explored your curiosity? Has it led to something incredibly good? Share with us your thoughts and experiences!

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