How to lead your business in a more gentle way

How to lead your business in a more gentle way

Bringing gentleness into business is definitely not something that we tend to associate with getting ahead at work or business success. We often associate the perception of business success with those who shout the loudest, the ones who got to where they are through stepping over competition and taking credit for others peoples ideas.

For a long time of my life I thought that this type of a leader was the best to lead a growing and successful business, someone who told people what to do, someone who was aggressive, and someone who shouted when expectations weren't met. I was wrong. There is no doubt that as an employee or a customer you would be happier in a company that you feel is more empathetic, you would be happier if you we're surrounded with people who are kind, loyal and understanding.

We talked about this in this episode. Listen to the whole conversation and take some of the tips for yourself!

Communication is key to understanding your employers or customers, what they want and need, and communicating with kindness and gentleness will encourage them to open up to you and express their desires needs better.

"That's my absolute passion!" says Emily Hodge, because we're all humans, running these businesses, and we do them successfully, without burning out while also making money, whilst serving people in a very passionate way.

Gentleness builds trust and improves productivity and loyalty, and if there’s one thing we as business entrepreneurs can do to make a difference, we can be an example and show a little more kindness because even the smallest actions can have huge impacts.

If you're interested in getting more gentle as an entrepreneur and lead your business in a more gentle way while also being gentle and kind towards yourself and other, listen to the whole conversation and take some of the tips for yourself.

Listen to the full episode!

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