I cannot even begin to describe to you how weird and cringe, and just "yuk" I've felt by going online randomly to talk about what's in my brain on Thursday. I have battled — and still am — so many thoughts around, is this worth it? Is it valuable to anyone? See for yourself! 👇

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The fear was stemming from a place of vulnerability. And vulnerability is, by definition, being 'exposed to the possibility of being harmed'. So of course I felt afraid. Of course, my mind and my body were doing their best to make me NOT do it.

But at the same time,

I am done

I am done with feeling isolated and lonely in what I'm going through, and I'm committing to being so, so, SO open and transparent and honest and vulnerable here because I believe that if people can actually see me walking, or running, or falling, or jogging, or whatever it is, through my challenge and through my issue then whatever happens in the black box, the messy middle, is less tangled and more accessible.

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