Lead your business with more ease and flow with Emily Hodge

Lead your business with more ease and flow with Emily Hodge
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Some of the most successful people are usually the ones with low self-esteem. What low self esteem does to them, it makes them feel like they do not deserve self-compassion, that they are not worthy and everything they do is never good enough. They continue pursuing perfection and setting extremely high expectations and if they don't meet 99% of them, they feel like a failure. They struggle to recognize their accomplishments.

As a perfectionist myself, and someone who's working on improving her self confidence, I’ve come to the conclusion that self-confidence is only helpful when it’s low. Not extremely low as it induces stress, worry and fear, but just low enough that helps you look at your achievements, your ambition and your goals in a more realistic and a more positive way.

In this this Real & Raw, we're talking to Emily Hodge, a Psychologist and Qualified Coach who helps coaches and founders lead their service business with ease, integrity and profit.

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