Not letting other people's judgements affect you

Not letting other people's judgements affect you

People often make judgments about others' valuations and preferences, based on their religious, ethical, political preferences and especially when it comes to the preferences for a romantic and a sexual partner.

It is no doubt we all have different opinions about other people and other things. It's the matter of fact that people often throw their opinions at us whether we ask for it or not.

And you wonder why should anybody give that much of a shit about somebody else's choices? You're always gonna have people that will have an opinion.

We touched upon this issue in this episode, listen to it if it resonates!

It's a tough one, right? I think there's a process of like, getting to a place where you feel confident in yourself and that is what you want or don't want. And feeling secure in that in yourself is like a really important step. Because it's easier to withstand other people's judgement and questions if you're confident in yourself, says Rachel Walker.

It's making sure you feel secure in yourself and in your relationship about what you expect from each other, what you do or don't want and then just being aware that other people are going to say stuff and ask questions.

For more tips on how to not let other people's judgement affect you, listen to the whole episode here on the link below!

Listen to the full episode!

If we could learn to embrace ourselves as we are, would we still be so judgemental toward others? Tell us what you think!

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