Real & Raw with Rashmi Narayana

Real & Raw with Rashmi Narayana
Photo by Joice Kelly / Unsplash

The premiere of the Real & Raw series, our live series on Clubhouse, is starting this Thursday, October 14th @ 1 pm CET!

Our first guest is Rashmi Narayana. Rashmi is a psychiatrist and coach who has worked across academia, the humanitarian sector, and tech start-ups.

She is currently running her coaching practice, supporting female tech CEO in running company operations & founders in early-stage tech start-ups to identify their personal values and translate them to company values and is proud to be in a group of 28 international leadership coaches on the TRIUM EMBA program and a coach on the Imperial College, London Coach and Coffee program.

We will be talking about:
✨ Meeting expectations
✨ Feeling like you're stuck
✨ Constantly worrying about making mistakes

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Real & Raw features & highlights women who've or are overcoming and defying expectations of themselves & society, and expert sessions to discuss practical tips & tricks to dealing with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, anxiety, and many more.

Join the conversations every Thursday starting from next week, October 14th, at 1pm CET. Everyone welcome 🙏

All of our Clubhouse sessions are recorded and later uploaded on our Unsetting Expectations podcast, so if you've missed any, tune in!