Being cut from your emotions, both positive and negative ones, can have serious and destructive impact on your life, your mental health and your relationships. Being detached from your emotions unables you to connect to your body, to recognize your body's needs, to process your emotions and to express how you feel in certain situations.

Emotional detachment can happen due to so many different reasons, including a prolonged period of depression, an episode of anxiety, a long period of neglect as a child and other unexpected and pretty horrific events in your life.

In this one, Dr. Rashmi and I talked about understanding some important facts about our feelings before we learn to express them in an appropriate way!

I was having trouble experiencing joy. If you had asked me 'Where do you feel joy?", I couldn't tell you, and I couldn't describe to you how joy felt to me. So I genuinely though, I'm incapable of experiencing joy. Because what I did for a very long time was by shutting down feeling the negative emotions, which unfortunately I had many especially throughout my childhood, I shut down all emotions. I didn't even know if it's possible to kind of shut the negative emotions and still be able to feel the positive ones. What was really difficult for me was to recognize when I feel happy, when I feel joy.

Everyone has different tendencies to feel emotions or turn them completely off based on how they feel about themselves and the world. It is important to be in touch with our emotions because they let us know where we want to set our boundaries, they inform us and protect us and they leave space for us to heal. We need access to all of our emotions in order to function in a healthy way.

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If you've caught yourself detaching from your emotions and being unable to express feelings, if any of this resonates with you, I highly suggest you to listen to the whole conversation. It is all about focusing on making change and understanding some important facts about our feelings before we learn to express them in an appropriate way.

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Have you ever experienced emotional detachment? How did it feel and what did you do to overcome it? Let us know!

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