Who is the Unreliable Narrator?

The unreliable narrator. What does he do? He constantly makes you remember your past failures, makes you feel unworthy, he makes it hard being in the present moment because with him you experience feelings of low self esteem, low self confidence, self respect and self compassion. Basically, he makes you be in a constant state of chronic self doubt in your day to day life, and because of that, you feel incompetent.

This takes a toll on our emotional well being in everyday life. It makes it hard to spend time with ourselves and our family members, to overcome self doubt, accept positive feedback from your good friend, challenge negative beliefs about your achieved success and be judgment-free of your own thoughts.

If any of this rings true to you, you're not alone. Read Lindsey's story about her self esteem issues created by her own Unreliable Narrator, and how did she spend time with him in the present moment, in order to cultivate her own sense of self, self control and ultimately - self care.

The low self worth, critical inner voice that lives in my head rent-free

There is a trope in storytelling called the "Unreliable narrator". You might remember Nick and Amy in Gone Girl, Briony in Atonement or my own favourite Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects.

Photo by antonio molinari / Unsplash

Writers use a first person narrator to help us see the world through the eyes of someone else. As an audience we try to suspend our own beliefs to help us trust our narrator, and step in to their subjectivity knowing that they have a certain perspective or view. And then as you follow their voice, the unreliable narrator will, either in a moment or across time, show their prejudice and bias. In doing so, as an audience, we begin to make sense as to why they are telling their story - what skin they have in the game for making you believe them.

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