What could you do if you didn't put limits on your potential?

What could you do if you didn't put limits on your potential?

If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you. ― Louise Hay

There are so many reasons why we put limits in everything we do. From my perspective, most people limit themselves because they are scared of the unknown, they are scared of failing. More often we prefer to stay within our comfort zone because that is what we know and where we feel safe. Also, we often limit ourselves due to the fear of what people will think about us. What the society will think...

All these limitations we put on ourselves are mind based. Our thoughts are being indoctrinated and manipulated from the moment of our birth and they have continued to be manipulated by the society we grew up in. When we were kinds, we were told we could be anything we want, but only if we were careful enough. Now as adults, we are missing out on those glorious moments of absolute freedom because our fear leaves us paralyzed as we hold out in the safety of what we know and where we feel comfortable.

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In a lot of ways it broke my heart, because it made me realize how easy it is for us to hold ourselves back to self-sabotage and do all these things quite unintentionally, says Jaz Broughton, a certified career coach. You have to get used to a certain level of uncertainty, you have to get used to a certain level of adventure, even if you really want that stability and you want that linear journey. Sometime we within ourselves don't know how to compute that because even from childhood we were taught to think in linear ways.

It's no secret we all like comfort zone and we don't consider taking risks. But taking risks is the only guarantee for being truly alive. To take risks, we should have courage, and to have courage we should step out of our comfort zone. Our thoughts become our reality, and our mind soaks up whatever we focus on, the good and the bad. That's why it's important to stop putting limits on everything we do.

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