What do you talk to your friends about?

What do you talk to your friends about?
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

A poem.

What do you talk to your friends about?

The weather?
What you got up to this weekend?
Christmas presents?

Or how you are tired.
That you're struggling.
That you haven't been feeling like yourself lately.

Do they recognize that?
Do they ask?

What do you talk to your friends about?

The politics?
Position of women in society?
Their problems?

What about your problems?
Voicing what's in your mind.

Or do you feel a bit distant to share
It's your closest one but it feels like they're not there

What do you talk to your friends about?

I've been thinking a lot about my personal relationships lately, and how they are morphing and changing into new shapes as each of our personas, identities changes as well.

A quick interlude - Hello, how are you? Happy 2022. It's been a month and a half since I've landed in your inbox the last time. A lot of thoughts have passed through me since. And with a lot of resistance. Second-guessing. Questioning. And coming back to my senses.

I've written this poem some weeks ago, and today, I have felt a similar feeling within me. As you can tell, it's a deep topic that carries a lot of feelings for me. Some of them are still only inklings of ideas. Distant and foggy thoughts, roaming around my mind.

When I spoke with Jo last Thursday, we discussed how we often share the "before and afters" of our problems or thoughts. But never "the black box".

Photo by Bernard Hermant / Unsplash

This was something that was bothering me for a long while. I continued the conversation with my coach, Aimee, this Monday and have said that I have trouble starting to share as I'm continually met with resistance that it needs to be cohesive and structured in order to be valuable.

But here's the thing. Nothing that's in the black box is neither cohesive nor structured. By definition, it cannot be.

So, a challenge from Aimee for me is to dedicate 20 minutes every day to sketch an insight I had that day. A physical download of my thoughts. Uncohesive and unstructured. Real and raw.

And that's how it's going to be. When my brain gets going, I'll be hitting the live stream button. I will chat as I sketch through whatever black box topic my mind is figuring out that day.

And I will talk. To you, to my friends, to whoever wants to listen. About the deep things, about the big things, about the cruel things, about the pretty things.

If you want to join in the meaningful conversations that steer away from the weather and the traffic, welcome. The lives will happen on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter - so catch me where you can.

Franka x