What if you don't know who your true self is?

What if you don't know who your true self is?
Just be yourself!

It sounds like an amazing thing to do, and I have wished many times that I could just do that. But I've wondered what does it even mean and what does it take to just be yourself?

When it comes to being yourself, the one showing to the world, there's usually a lot of pressure from the society around us who tries to influence who you are and who you should be. And it's hard to live in such a developing world where you're expected to adapt and to live and do what society tells you to do.

You can find out more by listening to the whole episode and get some useful tips on discovering your true self.

That's why it's so important to know deeply who you are and live in alignment with your values and beliefs. Because, without knowing yourself and without establishing your boundaries, you can easily be pushed around and become lost and dissatisfied.

If you've never thought about it in that way, if you're only following the script that someone else wrote for you, you may not even realize that you're not showing up as yourself because you don't know who that is, says Sara Ramos, a Learning Designer, Facilitator & Community Host. By deeply knowing yourself you are more likely to experience a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Life is a journey of becoming the highest version of who you are, and although we all go through ups and downs, we can always come back to who we are.

Listen to the full conversation to get some of the most useful tips to this very individual adventure of discovering your true self and being ready to show it to the world.

Listen to the full episode!

Along with your values and beliefs, what else do you consider as a part of your true self? Share your thoughts with us!

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