Why slowing down in a world that values busy is crucial?

Why slowing down in a world that values busy is crucial?
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So much of our time we spend trying to keep up and fit everything into our days that we can't even enjoy them as we want to. In a world like this that often seems to get busier and fast-paced than ever, it’s easy to get swept up by the feeling of needing to do more and do it faster, just to keep up with the world. It has become a societal norm that being busy equals more productivity.

It leads us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and it makes us feel like we're not good enough, like we're not doing good enough. We're running ourselves into the ground, almost. And I'm kind of feeling that in all our busyness and constantly running around, we're missing out on the most important and most beautiful parts of our lives.

Vix shared her ways to slow down in this one!

It is important to make slowing down a priority and focus on what's really important for you at the moment. And it isn't the easiest thing to do, it takes time and practice and a lot of discipline and self control to take it easy. You need to learn to pay attention to the things that are in front of you in the moment, to stay present and right where you are.

How could I slow more today?

Okay, I'm going to sit and I'm going to journal for five more minutes. So my thing today is like, how can I keep slowing down? And every time I've noticed that I've started getting a bit more stressed, everything speeds up for me. I talk a little bit faster, I move faster. And, so rather than just telling myself to slow down, if I can slow down my body movements, I start to cultivate a feeling of slowness and everything suddenly my day has felt a little more spacious. And it feels like I have room to move. - says Vix Anderton.

Whenever you’re feeling overly busy, stressed or simply overwhelmed, try some of these small tips to help you slow down and just follow the pace of yourself. Every small change throughout your day can slow down your pace without killing your productivity. If you find a more peaceful process, you’ll be both happier and more effective.

If you're interested in learning how to slow down and still get things done, I highly suggest you to listen to this episode!

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What is your favorite way to slow down when life feels busy and rushed?

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