This Thursday, for our Real & Raw series on Clubhouse, we'll be speaking to Jill Skulina. I love her bio. Jill is an "artist, writer, mentor, DISRUPTER and emotional work in progress." The disrupter in caps gets me every time.

We hope to see you at 12pm UK time. It's a lovely way to recharge during your lunch break.

Real & Raw with Jill Skullina - Unsetting Expectations
Thursday, November 4 at 1:00pm CET with Franka Grubisic, Jill Skulina.

As a Visual Artist, Jill's making work about motherhood, birth trauma and other life narratives. She wrote a very, very powerful and raw piece for us, too.

The fatter I am, the safer I feel
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Feeling like we're one of the same, this conversation will truly be unique. We'll speak about emotional safety, motherhood and other life narratives.

Join us for a real and raw, warm and heartfelt conversation. Here's your invitation.

Real & Raw features & highlights women who've or are overcoming and defying expectations of themselves & society, and expert sessions to discuss practical tips & tricks to dealing with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, anxiety, and many more.

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All of our Clubhouse sessions are recorded and later uploaded on our Unsetting Expectations podcast, so if you've missed any, tune in!